What if I don’t see my major listed?
First, ask yourself if there is a similar major available that will help you explore your options. The names of majors may vary by institution. For example, Kinesiology may be referred to as Exercise Science or Recreation Studies may be known as Recreation and Sport Management.

Second, look in the category in which your major falls. For instance, if you are a Judaic Studies major, see the Languages, Cultures and Humanities Category. Research the majors included here, e.g. Africana Studies or Women Studies, for a general idea of the career fields available for your major because they will be very similar.

In some cases for specific or less common majors, such as construction management or peace studies, there will not be any majors available on this site that are closely related. You are encouraged to look to other resources to research your interest area. Ask your career center for guidance.

How did you come up with the information associated with each major?
Each major has been carefully researched and updated by career counselors over the span of 20 years. Books, academic materials, relevant websites and professional associations are the most commonly used resources. University faculty have reviewed each major and changes were made based on their suggestions.

Is this information right for my school?
The information presented in this site is not specific to any one university or college. It’s always a good idea to research majors at your institution to learn about any special programs, certifications or specific emphases associated with your school’s academic department.

I have no idea what I want to major in and this site feels overwhelming. How can I get started?
Visit the career services or similar office on your campus and learn about the resources they have available to help students plan their major and career goals. Typically, you will start by assessing your interests, skills, personality and values. After you’ve identified what is most important to you, research the majors and careers that might fit you best.

I researched my major, but still have questions about it. How else can I gather information?
Start by utilizing resources at your college or university. Speak with faculty, academic advisors and career counselors to learn about the specifics of majors or careers of interest. Set up informational interviews or shadowing experiences with professionals in careers you are considering. Look for ways to get involved in the field through volunteer opportunities, part-time or summer jobs and internships.